Webinars & workshops

CEGN holds learning webinars throughout the year. Through our Shared Learning Series, a partnership between CEGN and the Sustainability Network, a number of our webinars are  open to all interested participants. Other webinars are for funders only. For more info and to register, contact Pegi_dover@cegn.org.

Upcoming Webinars for Funders: 

Regional Urban Sustainability in Action: Case Studies from Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax- January 18th at 1 PM EST.

This webinar is open to funders only. Register now!

Introduction to Systems Grantmaking: Mindsets, Tools and Impact for Funders Seeking to Advance a Sustainable Future for Canada- Febuary 7 at 1 PM EST.

This webinar is open to funders only. Register now!


Other CEGN webinars are restricted to funders. Information on these webinars will be posted in this section.

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