As a CEGN member, you will be joining with leading funders from across North America working to drive effective action on sustainability.  There has never been a more critical time for building a wave of change that can push us toward a more sustainable world.  And there has never been a more pressing need to increase the effectiveness of our efforts to build better approaches to everything from endangered species protection to urban development.

In the face of global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, we need a wide range of organizations pulling together to help build a healthier world and to protect invaluable planetary resources and services that provide us all with clean air, clean water, healthy food and a stable climate.  

Recognizing that environmental problems are also often rooted in issues of equity, human rights and justice, we must take a broad view of the challenges ahead and work together to develop effective approaches that serve both people and the planet.

Whether your organization has a long history of supporting “traditional” environmental causes or is just beginning to make the link between issues such as health and social justice and sustainability, we welcome your participation in our growing network.  Let’s work together to create healthier and more prosperous places for all.

As a CEGN member, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn from our research on key issues and evolving trends
  • Take part in webinars and workshops designed specifically to fill knowledge gaps and extend understanding  of key issues
  • Join with your peers at our annual conference to learn from leading practitioners and share and discuss ideas
  • Further refine your philanthropic strategies by sharing ideas and gaining insights from fellow funders through our discussion list, funder groups and other tools
  • Strengthen the impact of philanthropy in support of an environmentally sound and sustainable future for Canadians.

Membership guidelines and fees | Statement of Values and Ethical Principles

Interested in joining?  Just send an inquiry to our Executive Director, Pegi Dover, and she will follow up to discuss the advantages or fill out a membership application form.

Here’s what some of our members are saying about belonging to CEGN:

“CEGN improves productivity by connecting professional environmental grantmakers and promoting new ideas and best practices. It is a very worthwhile organization providing key educational and convening services to our community.” – Mary Pickering, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

“We were in very early stages of our environmental funding program when we joined CEGN almost ten years ago, and it proved to be a very smart move.  Membership enabled us to meet and consult with experienced funders from across the country and to learn from experts across the environmental field, which helped to inform our funding over the years.  The new relationships that emerged have also led to some creative collaborative initiatives, often with CEGN playing a supportive role.” – Anonymous

There is a growing mutual respect and understanding between CEGN and the Circle on Aboriginal Philanthropy. Members are working together, learning from each other and charting new pathways. Bravo.” –  Walter Ross, Temagami Community Foundation

“CEGN is an essential part of the Canadian philanthropic landscape. Through timely and well-researched briefs and webinars on emerging issues, it provides thought leadership to environmental grantmaking.  Its conferences and symposia strengthen networks and relationships among members in different parts of the country, affording us the opportunity to align our efforts to greater effect. We simply wouldn’t be as effective a movement without it”. – Stephen Huddart, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

“An old African proverb says “”If you want to walk fast, walk alone; but if you want to walk far, walk together.” Given the complexity and enormity of the challenges environmental foundations are trying to meet, we need to walk both fast and far. CEGN provides a space to explore where our shared actions magnify our individual responses to the host of critical issues this country is facing. It’s a essential element of the social change infrastructure needed to move Canada towards greater sustainability.” –Ruth Richardson, Coordinator, Global Alliance for the Future of Food