Funder groups

CEGN is establishing a number of Funder Groups to foster collaboration around specific issues.  These groups are open to all CEGN members and activities are planned by the groups themselves and may include conference calls, issue-specific discussion lists, webinars, resource databases hosted by CEGN and other initiatives.  

National Water Funders’ Group
The goal of the Water Funders Group is to maximize the impact of philanthropic resources supporting fresh water protection in Canada by facilitating shared learning and collaboration. This Funders’ Group is currently co-chaired by Wendy Cooper,  of Tides Canada, and  by Anna Warwick Sears of the Okanagan Basin Water Board.  The group recently released a report on The Future of Freshwater Funding in Canada, which is available on the reports page.

BC Freshwater Funders Collaborative
The BC Freshwater Funders Collaborative is an informal body supporting strategic collaboration among organizations and foundations that fund freshwater and watershed protection efforts in British Columbia. Click here for more information.

The BC Sustainable Food Systems Working Group
 The BC Sustainable Food Systems Working Group is a group of agencies working together to identify and address barriers, and contribute new approaches and practices to sustainable food systems in BC. Members of this group of non-profit, academic and philanthropic organizations have independent goals and approaches, yet share a common interest in identifying and working towards a shared vision for sustainable food systems in BC. The overall goal is to foster healthy, resilient food systems in regions across the province, in ways that benefit communities, individuals, ecosystems, and local and provincial economies. Click here for more information

Low Carbon Future Funders Group
This group is dedicated to spurring strategic collaboration to advance a low carbon future for Canada. Co-chairs are Andre Vallillee of the Metcalf Foundation and Beth Hunter of the the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. 

Sustainable Cities Funders Group  
This group is dedicated to strengthening the role of philanthropy in support of urban sustainability.  Co-chairs are Karen Wilkie of the Carthy Foundation, and Mark Gifford of the Vancouver Foundation. 

Kids and Nature Funders Group 
This group is working to strengthen the connection between kids and nature. Chair is Stan Kozak, of the Gosling Foundation.

For information about joining any of these working groups, please contact